Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Favorite Teas

Hi, Tea Lovers!
I will be off line a lot for the next couple of months. We've moved, and because of my organizing challenges we will probably be in boxes for several months. I will recycle some posts; send posts from my other blogs to stand in, and write a few really short entries in the meantime. Please share your tea thoughts, musings, memories, and favorites!

Here is a quick list of some of my favorite teas--please let me know what you think:

Green Teas:

Walnut Green - Subtly nutty, and just a little sweet

Pistachio Green - More malty-tasting than Walnut green, delicious

Peony White Needle--A delicious, subtle, pale tea. Best when the water is not too hot, and the tea steeps for no more than a minute--two at the most!

Cherry Green and White Tea--almost a dessert!

Black Teas
Buckingham Palace Garden Party--for years, Earl Grey was my favorite tea. BPGP has bumped it from favorite status. I wish there was a decaf version,  since I am sensitive to caffeine.

Earl Grey Decaf--I like every kind of this flavor I have tried--expensive loose teas, bagged teas, homemade with bergamot oil, made on the spot. I like it hot and cold (well, cool--I don't drink much "iced" tea because cold food and drink is considered unhealthy in Chinese medicine).

Darjeeling--This tea smells like a complicated honey or a light wine. The taste is not quite as dramatic, but it is delicious, with no improvements. . .although a teaspoon of sugar makes it tasty, too. Again, I drink it decaf, which probably means I lose a little flavor, but I love it and can drink it often in this form.

These are just a few of my favorites--it doesn't even start to consider the "tisanes" or herbal teas. Let me know what teas you enjoy!

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